Paul Goodman is a contemporary musician, composer and active performer of saz and Cretan lyra. For many years he has been involved with the musical traditions of Greece, Crete, Turkey and other regions in and around the Mediterranean Basin. His research led him to Ross Daly’s ‘Labyrinth Musical Workshop’ where he was given the opportunity to acquaint and learn directly from many world renowned musicians. His experience has been enriched through diverse collaborations with musicians from various backgrounds and cultures. Since 2005 Paul has performed on modal instruments around Greece and elsewhere in Europe including Italy, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Serbia. He has also appeared as guest soloist in several fusion projects.

   In Paul Goodman’s compositions elements of influence are combined with the spontaneity and freshness of one who hears something new in these timeless sounds. His music has been described as a simultaneous dialogue between the past, the divine, the future, beauty, spirit, mortality and eternity.

   His first self-produced album entitled Strangely Familiar was released in March 2015 and has received very positive reviews.