Paul Goodman is a contemporary musician, composer and active performer of saz and Cretan lyra. Raised in a musical environment he has been learning instruments and performing concerts from a young age. In the late 1990’s he begun researching the musical traditions and idioms of Greece (especially Crete), Turkey, Balkans and other regions in and around the Mediterranean Basin. This research led him to “Labyrinth Musical Workshop” on Crete where he was given the opportunity to learn directly from and often perform with world renowned musicians such as Ross Daly, Mehmet Erenler, Omer Erdoğdular, Habil Aliev, Ustad Rahim Kushnawaz, Zacharis Spiridakis, Kelly Thoma and Giorgos Xylouris among others.

Having since been occupied mostly with composing and performing Paul has been involved in many diverse collaborations with musicians from various backgrounds and cultures such as the Yurodny – Myriada project which was organized by musician and producer Nick Roth and the Isole project where he collaborated with Francesco Turrisi’s Tarab Ensemble. He has performed in Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Serbia often appearing as guest soloist.

He has taken part in each of the seven years of the legendary Houdetsi Music Festival which took place from 2010 – 2016 in Houdetsi, Crete. The Adriatiko Mediterraneo Festival in Ancona, Italy, the Ethno Fusion Fest in Belgrade, Serbia and Festib’ Alzen in Alzen, France are some of the other notable festivals which he has been invited to perform at.

In Paul Goodman’s compositions various elements of influence can be heard through his own unique musical prism. His aim is not to serve a particular tradition but rather to create a new and worthwhile acoustic experience through a dialogue with all of his musical influences.

His first self-produced album entitled “Strangely Familiar” was released in March 2015 and has received very positive reviews. He has collaborated as guest on albums for Yurodny, LocoMondo, Trio Tzane and Nikos Papachristou among others. His second independent album entitled “Yet” was released early in 2019. “Yet” has been well received and complimented for it’s original compositions and attention to detail in all stages of creating the sound.

Paul is currently living in Athens, Greece.